Colonial pipeline hacked – Trouble getting gas?

What happened? Colonial pipeline was hacked with ransomware allegedly by a group called Darkside. The hack shut down the enormous 5k miles of pipeline making it difficult to get gas in several states throughout the US.

What is Colonial Pipeline?

Founded in 1961, Colonial Pipeline, headquartered out of Alpharetta, Georgia, is the largest U.S. refined products pipeline system. Moving millions of barrels mainly across the South and Southeast daily.

Who or what is the Darkside? Gang of cyber criminals that indulge in hacking computer systems with ransomware.  Known to also sell their ransomware to other organizations..

What does this mean? Shortage of gas in the southeast particularly in Georgia, Alabama, Texas,  Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Florida and up the north east coast. This shortage will most likely cause gas prices to rise due to interruption of service caused by the attack. Many industries and businesses will be effected as a result.

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