Hit with a cyberattack now what?

If or when your organization is hit by a cyberattack, it is important to take immediate action to minimize the damage and prevent further spread of the attack. Here are the steps you should take:

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  • Isolate the affected systems: Disconnect any infected systems from the network to prevent the spread of the attack.
  • Assess the damage: Determine the scope of the attack and what data or systems have been affected.
  • Contain the attack: Take steps to prevent the attacker from continuing to access your systems and data, such as disabling compromised accounts or implementing firewalls.
  • Restore from backups: If possible, restore data and systems from a backup to revert to a known good state.
  • Notify the relevant authorities: Report the attack to the relevant authorities, such as law enforcement or a cybersecurity firm.
  • Investigate the cause: Determine how the attacker gained access to your systems and data, and take steps to prevent similar attacks in the future.
  • Notify affected parties: If sensitive data has been compromised, notify any parties who may be affected, such as customers or employees.

It is important to have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place, including regular backups and incident response procedures, to be prepared in case of a cyberattack. Additionally, regular security training for employees can help prevent successful attacks.

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