IHG Hacked by TeaPea

International Hotel Group was hacked according to BBC, Techradar, and a host of other sites.

According to officials – a couples hacker group allegedly from Vietnam claimed to hack IHG. in a statement the couple said the following: “Our attack was originally planned to be a ransomware but the company’s IT team kept isolating servers before we had a chance to deploy it, so we thought to have some funny [sic]. We did a wiper attack instead,” one of the hackers said.

Since the hackers could not use the ransomware due to IHG’s IT security they deleted information instead as a practical joke which consumers and IHG did not find amusing.

IHG stated “Booking channels and other applications have been significantly disrupted since yesterday,” it said in an official notice lodged with the London Stock Exchange.

The hackers claimed they were able to bypass the system by tricking an employee into clicking a malicious email which eventually led the hackers to obtain the password Quert1234 to access the company’s internal password vault. No further comments have been provided.

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