Not in Bangkok! Bangkok Airways hit by cyberattack.

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According to Channel Asia Bangkok Airways was hit in a cyberattack resulting in alleged compromise of numerous customers. In an unauthorized and unlawful access to Bangkok Airways information system, the hacker was allegedly able to retrieve information that may contain  passenger name, family name, nationality, gender, phone number, email, address, contact information, passport information, historical travel information, partial credit card information and special meal information,” Bangkok Airways said.

Bangkok Airways  claimed in a update that the incident did not affect “operational or aeronautical security systems”. Bangkok Airways also assures that the hack has been reported to the authorities, including the Royal Thai police. The airline company is also in the midst of investigating the data breach.

Bangkok Airways has advised its customers to contact their banks and credit card providers as a primary preventive measure so customers can change passwords that may have been compromised in the data breach. More

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