The importance of cyber security and the current state of cyber security

Cyber security uses collective methods and technologies to protect the available computer systems and data from theft and damage through an online attack. Hence, cyber security is the security system for internet devices.

In 2021, cyber security importance can’t be denied at all. All of our important data and files are stored on the internet. If someone with wrongful intent gets access to sensitive and confidential information, it can be very dangerous.

Hackers and terrorists are getting better day by day. Organizations and governmental institutes are understanding the importance of cyber security and starting to take steps. There are thousands of cyber-attacks attempts each day. Terrorist organizations have advanced cyber cells, which are a high risk to world peace. Thus, cyber security is integral for the safety of people.

Thus, overall cyber security importance is more than ever because

  • Increased number of cyber attacks
  • Growing and rapidly improving technology is more prone to cyber threats
  • Damages to online businesses
  • Threats to security and privacy of individuals
  • Strict measures by governments and better legislation for cyber security

The current state of cyber security

In 2000, a virus attack launched by two Philippian software engineers affected millions of people. Millions of dollars were lost in that attack. Nowadays, risks are even higher. The current state of cyber security is dependent on governmental institutes like NSA and the FBI. Moreover, cyber security software such as anti-viruses also plays an important role in providing cyber security.

Cyber security is a threat at a personal level that can cause many problems. Identity theft, credit card theft, etc., are some of the highlighted problems. Privacy is a very important concern because hackers can access the personal stuff of a person and blackmail them. Organizations are trying to immune their systems by hiring dedicated cyber security teams.

At the governmental level, a cyber-attack can affect and endanger the lives of millions of people. Governments realize the value of cyber security, and every institute has a cyber security cell. All in all, we can say that cyber security is one of the most alarming threats.


Cyber security is an important security concern in this era. Lives are at stake. Overall, we can say that organizations are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the current state of cyber security is strong enough to tackle those threats.

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