Morgan Stanley reports data breach of customer data

What happened?

  • Morgan Stanley, one of the worlds financial services firm reported that customer data including social security numbers, date of birth, and addresses was stolen through a third party vendor server called Accellion FTA. Morgan Stanley was notified by GuideHouse (a third-party vendor that provides account maintenance services to Morgan Stanley’s StockPlan Connect business) notified the investment banking company in May 2021 that attackers hacked Accellion FTA server to steal information belonging to Morgan Stanley stock plan participants.

Who is Accellion FTA?

  • Accellion FTA helps worldwide enterprises like yours transfer large and sensitive files securely using a 100% private cloud.

Latest updates: 

  • A bank spoke person  has stated that the files have been recovered and the bank is monitoring the dark web for any evidence of posting of client information. Experian has also been onboarded to provide free credit monitoring to effected customer for 24 months.

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